Most Americans Want Abortion Outlawed or Restricted: Gallup Poll

In June Gallup released its annual poll on Americans’ views on abortion.

Among other things, the poll found:

  • Nearly half of all Americans identify as “pro-life”
  • Nearly 1 in 3 (29%) won’t consider a candidate they disagree with on abortion
  • Altogether, 60% of Americans believe abortion should be either illegal or legal only under a few circumstances

In May Gallup released a report that showed half of all Americans surveyed believe abortion is morally wrong.

All of this is really good news — and it tracks with other polls we’ve seen in recent years.

Abortion in Arkansas is at a 42-year low, and more than ever the public believes abortion ought to be either outlawed or restricted to a handful of circumstances.

We are winning the fight to protect innocent human life.

Oaklawn Casino Opens Sports Betting, Renames “Electronic Games of Skill” As Slot Machines

This week the casino at Oaklawn in Hot Springs began accepting bets of sporting events.

Gamblers will be able to wager on everything from professional golf to NASCAR races and from college football to Olympic events.

Gambling on sports is just a bad idea all around. Athletes already face enough pressure as it is. Nothing good is going to come of it if fans have big money riding on whether or not a 20-year-old college quarterback can throw a touchdown pass.

Interestingly, since becoming a full-fledged casino, Oaklawn has re-branded several of its so-called “electronic games of skill.”

Up until this year, the racetracks in Hot Springs and West Memphis let people gamble on electronic games that, in theory, required some level of skill to play and win.

In 2007 Family Council Action Committee filed a lawsuit over the “electronic games of skill.” Attorneys for Oaklawn and Southland assured people that even though these electronic games looked a lot like casino games, they really weren’t.

Fast-forward to 2019. Now that Oaklawn and Southland can offer casino games, some of these “electronic games of skill” from years past apparently are being re-designated as slot machines.

For example, Oaklawn has offered games like Willy Wonka Pure Imagination and Zeus: Son of Kronos since at least 2017. Once upon a time these were electronic games of skill. Now Oaklawn’s website lists them as slot games.

GLAAD Survey Finds Millennials Increasingly Uncomfortable With LGBT Movement

The radical pro-LGBT organization GLAAD recently released the results of its annual survey on Americans’ “comfort levels” with LGBT people — and the findings are a little surprising.

The survey shows that U.S. adults are increasingly uncomfortable with LGBT people and issues — with Millennials ages 18 – 34 apparently leading this shift.

According to the survey, the number of non-LGBT adults ages 18 – 34 who are uncomfortable with learning a family member is LGBT rose from 24% in 2016 to 36% in 2018.

The number of Millennials uncomfortable with the idea of their children having a lesson on LGBT history at school rose from 27% to 39% during that same time.

Strikingly, the number of Millennials that GLAAD counts as “allies” — people who are comfortable with LGBT efforts at every point — dropped from 62% in 2016 to 45% in 2018.

Needless to say, GLAAD — who recently announced they want to enshrine their radical LGBT ideals in the U.S. Constitution — is alarmed by these findings.

Their solution is to further “educate” Millennials about things like tolerance and inclusion. But as many pundits have pointed out, groups like GLAAD have been pushing the LGBT agenda on Millennials for years.

This shift among Millennials probably is the result of several factors, but one of them may be the move to force acceptance of transgender behavior in our culture. Groups like GLAAD have spent the past few years bullying and marginalizing anyone who even questions whether or not it’s appropriate to give puberty blockers to elementary school children or let men into women’s shower facilities and locker rooms. Is it any wonder that Millennials might be uncomfortable with those kinds of heavy-handed tactics?