A few months ago we explained how the U.S. could be poised to label some of the atrocities committed by ISIS in the Middle East “genocide.”

I say “some of the atrocities,” because at the time the State Department was prepared to leave Christians off the list of genocide victims, despite the fact ISIS has specifically and brutally targeted Christians time and time again.

Last week, however, the European Union took steps to label ISIS violence as “genocide,” and to call on other nations to do the dame. Sophia Kuby, director of European Union advocacy at Alliance Defending Freedom International, issued a statement, saying,

“We applaud the European Parliament for having responded to clear and compelling evidence that Christians and other religious minorities in the Middle East are victims of intentional destruction and genocide. The overwhelming majority who voted in favor of this recognition is remarkable and shows that Europe supports action against this intolerable and ongoing genocide. It was high time that the EU responded to the undeniable evidence of this genocide, which includes assassinations of church leaders, torture, mass murders, kidnapping, sexual enslavement, systematic rape of Christian and Yazidi girls and women, and the destruction of churches, monasteries, and cemeteries.”

You can read more about this decision by the European Union here.